Affordable Men’s Lounge Pants – Champion Men’s Jersey Pant

Sometimes it can be hard to find a good, affordable pair of men’s lounge pants.  Sweatpants are comfortable, but the elastic around the ankles can get annoying quickly, and sometimes the material is just too heavy, especially for on those warm days or evenings.


If you struggle with this, then the Champion Men’s Jersey Pant may be your solution.

Made of a cotton-poly blend, these pants feature a comfortable fit, lightweight material, open-hem cuffs, and a flexible elastic waistband.  It’s available in black, navy, light grey, or dark grey to suit your style preferences.

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Champion Men’s Jersey Pant Features

  • 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Includes side pockets
  • Flexible elastic waistband
  • Athletic fit
  • Open-hem cuffs (no elastic around the bottom)
  • Topstitched seams for durability
  • Machine washable



Many reviewers loved the Champion Men’s Jersey Pant for its light weight, versatility, and comfort, with some saying it was their favorite pant to wear every day.  Though some said they wouldn’t wear them out of the house, others liked doing so for walks, running errands, and going to the gym.  The elastic waistband fit well and didn’t pinch.

Several reviewers commented that the pants featured long inseams.  This was good for tall guys, but meant that those who weren’t as tall needed to hem the pants.  One mentioned that after washing, the pants shrank enough to make them the right length.  While the light weight was a benefit for many people who mentioned it, a few wished that they were thicker, and weren’t sure how well the pants would hold up after time and a few washings.  A couple of people also wished that these pants came with elastic around the ankles instead of the open hem.

If you’re looking for affordable, comfortable lightweight pants for lounging around the house, then take a look at the Champion Men’s Jersey Pant.  They’re not too warm or too cool, and comfortable enough men’s lounge pants to sleep in.


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